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With This Program, You Will Learn How To Become A Highly-Paid Amazon VA here in the Philippines.

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This intensive, detailed, no-holds-barred program will turn you into a highly-paid
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We divided the full program in 4 different courses and each focuses on a specific aspect of Amazon. Each course will get a bonus access to our Seller Central course to help you navigate your way through managing Amazon Businesses.

You will be provided with everything you need to know so you can start fulfilling your Amazon VA freelance career through step-by-step instructions.

Amazon Content + Seller Central

Learn how to make effective sales copy that can generate sales. In this course, you will learn the best practices in writing Amazon’s product descriptions, A+ content, bullet points, and more.

This course is fit for: Copywriters, Content Writers, Blog Writers

Amazon Creatives + Seller Central

Learn how to captivate buyers using creative and impactful images. Learn how to craft a brand story and engage shoppers on Amazon with high-quality creatives that convert.

This course is fit for:  Graphic Designers and Artists and  Multimedia Artists

Amazon Campaigns + Seller Central

This course will guide you through the best practices, the do’s and don'ts, and winning strategies to help you craft custom Pay Per Click campaigns that maximizes return on ad spend and generate revenue.

This course is fit for:  Media Buyers, Campaign Managers and Strategists

Amazon Operations + Seller Central

Amazon account health is integral for the growth and scale of every Amazon Seller. We’ll equip you with the skills to run and maintain a healthy Amazon account, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations for your clients.

This course is fit for:  Operation managers, Admin Heads and Assistants, Ecommerce Managers, Account Managers

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You will also have access to these BONUSES:

Bonus 1
Master The Basics of Amazon Seller Central
Adding Products to Your Catalog
Managing Inventory and Orders
The Pricing
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Orders and Accessing Reports
Advertising Menu
Reports Menu
Performance Menu

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get from the course?

Each course is designed for different tasks that you can manage on Amazon. These include Amazon Content, Amazon Creatives, Amazon Campaigns and Amazon Operations. You have the option to just select a single course for Php 3499 or buy the FULL Program for Php 9999

Do you do client endorsement or internship after the program?

Yes, we are a subsidiary of Seller Universe Ecommerce Group and we can help you connect with possible internships. 

When is this course and how long will I take it?

The course in ongoing 365 days! Feel free to jump into our courses depending on your learning schedule. The courses are self-paced which means you can take them anytime, anywhere.

What if I don't know anything about Amazon, where should I start?

You can take our FREE assessment to help you identify if Amazon if fit for you. This assessment comes with a course overview to better understand the eCommerce industry along with Amazon as a platform.

What if Php 9999 is too much for me, are there options?

Yes, the FULL Program is Php 9999 but you have the option to take the courses individually for only Php 3,499. Each course will also get a bonus access to the Seller Central Course.

Is it possible to just get two (2) courses?

Yes you can! But we highly suggest going for the FULL Program instead since you can get it at Php 9999.