Solve your clients' problems before they arise.

Get rid of the Amazon trouble and ensure your account health is optimal 24/7

Create a reliable backend for your clients' Amazon Store

Upgrade and optimize business processes

Get rid of the Amazon trouble and ensure your account health is optimal 24/7.

Make sure that your clients' account is active, streamlined and healthy. Know the ins and outs of Seller Central, Vendor Central, Vendor Express, and FBA, ensuring your fulfillment and product management stays smooth and consistent. Avoid other operations nightmares including mismanaged inventory, unpredictable cash flow, late shipments, poor reviews, guidline violations and poor performance.

A Little Preview

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Why take this course?

If you are keen on learning how to run an Amazon business and help your clients operate it smoothly then this is for you.

Who is this course for?

This course is fit for:  Operation managers, Admin Heads and Assistants, Ecommerce Managers, Account Managers

What can I expect?

Learn detailed operations with over 35 modules under the Amazon Operations course. These will tackle all aspects of operations that will help you understand running an Amazon business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get from the course?

Each course is designed for different tasks that you can manage on Amazon. These include Amazon Content, Amazon Creatives, Amazon Campaigns and Amazon Operations. You have the option to just select a single course for Php 3499 or buy the FULL Program for Php 9999

Do you do client endorsement or internship after the program?

Yes, we are a subsidiary of Seller Universe Ecommerce Group and we can help you connect with possible internships. 

When is this course and how long will I take it?

The course in ongoing 365 days! Feel free to jump into our courses depending on your learning schedule. The courses are self-paced which means you can take them anytime, anywhere.

What if I don't know anything about Amazon, where should I start?

You can take our FREE assessment to help you identify if Amazon if fit for you. This assessment comes with a course overview to better understand the eCommerce industry along with Amazon as a platform.

What if Php 9999 is too much for me, are there options?

Yes, the FULL Program is Php 9999 but you have the option to take the courses individually for only Php 3,499. Each course will also get a bonus access to the Seller Central Course.

Is it possible to just get two (2) courses?

Yes you can! But we highly suggest going for the FULL Program instead since you can get it at Php 9999.