Seller Universe: Turning the Company Culture into Company COOL-ture

Eds Dagñalan

We all want it: a company that takes care of us, invests in us, and inspires us to do more. We all dream about it: to be surrounded by people who can fearlessly point out our weaknesses and genuinely motivate us to be better. But how long does that feeling continue to be JUST A WANT OR A DREAM?


Of course, we all have been there: settling for THE GOOD-ENOUGH COMPANY, thinking that it is all that life has to offer. We are so used to waiting for the payday, paying for the same bills, and doing the same work stuff. Yet whenever we are confronted with the truth that there is so much more than being with the “good-enough”, that is when we see things on a different light. That is when we know we need to be with THE BEST. Oh… not only do we need it, but we also deserve it. We really do.


And when we say best, we are not only talking about already-established companies that have started it all and have been featured on Fortune 500 lists. When we say best, we likewise refer to companies that have a vision for their people, commit to achieving it, and, most importantly, take pride in building a culture that thrives, survives, and sustains.


Aiming to cultivate that kind of culture is a cosmos of e-Commerce professionals who share the same core values, principles, and commitments: Seller Universe (SU).


Seller Universe: Not Your Ordinary Work Space


Seller Universe is not atypical agency of e-Commerce experts who can provide solutions to Amazon-related issues. It is a company founded by digital marketing professionals who are driven by their vision to create a “model” working environment for skilled and persevering Filipinos who are struggling to find a sustainable job in a remote work industry. 


But what makes Seller Universe special, you ask?


It may have been difficult to build, but Seller Universe had its fair share of ups and downs. In fact, at the height of the global pandemic, like all other businesses, Seller Universe had to weather the storm and revisit its approaches and strategies to counter some inevitable financing hurdles. Fortunately for SU, that experience has only made it stronger and wiser. Why? Well, it’s because of its culture, or should we say cool-ture.


Seller Universe earned its name because its people see it as a vast workspace for growth and opportunity. Through its galaxy of quality talents, SU built a working environment that is appealing to all its stakeholders. In SU, leaders train their members on how to intelligently navigate the borderless world of e-Commerce and glide through its system until they can do it on their own. As a result, SU transformed from being just a speck of cyber business to becoming a cosmos of people of the same principles and values and a solid committable culture.


The Cool-ture in Seller Universe


Yes, being part of a solid committable culture (More on this in our next blog)is so cool, right? Yet it only gets cooler once you learn more about the Seller Universe practices as specified:


 (1)  We acknowledge traditional corporate practices but do not subscribe to them.


Say goodbye to power tripping and the problematic “Padrino” system because we do not believe in them. As SU puts it, “You will be known by your effort; by your effort, you will be known.” People in SU are paid based on the values they give to the company. They do not need to wait for a specific period to get raises or bonuses nor are they required to submit a portfolio of certificates that are quantified based on trivial metrics. Raises go to those who deserve them when they deserve them. Sabi nga nila, dito, kapag masipag ka at may naaambag ka, makikita at makikita ka nila.


(2)   It is through starting from the bottom that we learn, and it is through learning that we develop.


“Nag-umpisa ako sa baba hanggang sa natuto ako,”a team member said when she recalled how she started with SU. Imagine being in a company where you will not be judged based solely on your educational background and achievements. Well, you do not have to imagine it, because that is the reality of how SU operates. In SU, you cannot just assume a higher position unless 1. you are specially hired for it; 2. you have proven your value as a worker, a team player, and a leader; or 3. your relevant skills are backed up by your excellent character. Otherwise, you have to start in Virtual Assistant positions, not because your academic credentials are deemed immaterial, but because you just cannot hide your lack of knowledge of the entire system without undergoing proper training and exposure. Actually, in SU, you can become either of the following:

·      Intern and Lead Gen

·      VA(Virtual Assistant)

·      SME(Subject Matter Expert)

·      POC(Point of Contact)

·      Junior Business Manager

·      Senior Business Manager

·      Executive Business Manager


More thrilling is the fact that through our Seller Universe Academy, you could get the chance to be instructed by our amazing Amazonauts or our well-rounded cybercommerce experts. (Click this link to learn more about Seller Universe Academy: Amazon VA Course Success Stories | Seller Universe Academy)


(3)   We are a community of smart and happy workers.


Our effectiveness as workers is not gauged by the number of hours we stay online while at work. Instead, we are measured by the value and results we bring to the table. We do not work hard; we work smart! Our presence in the company is felt when we do our job efficiently, not when we are wasting our resources and mental energy on matters that do not translate into revenue or growth. Of course, all of these are done while our leaders ensure that we enjoy what we are doing. They are the ones who look for ways to keep us happy. Sabi nga ng isa sa amin, “Dito ko na-feel na nag-eenjoy ako sa ginagawa ko. Nakita ko yung joy na hinahanap ko sa dati kong company.”


 (4)  We believe in full transparency and open communication.


SU is more than just a family—it is more of a team where members have a clear picture of the company’s WHYs, WHATs, and WHEREs. As a team, SU members work with serious accountability and commitment. They are not big fans of complacency and of showing great tolerance in dealing with unreasonably irresponsible members—a circumstance which is likely to happen if you only treat your colleagues as a family. In SU, there is a collective effort to understand and work towards the realization of the company’s vision.


There is no “I” in SU, only “We”. Inherently, therefore, whenever WE want to get the job done, WE make sure that WE are on the same page first, and then WE face the challenges head-on with the right attitude. Each year, we review our targets and track our progress together. As a result, we develop a sense of accountability and pride because we know that even our littlest efforts contribute to the achievement of our short-term goals and long-term vision. Dito hindi mo kailangang humarap sa mahirap nagawain nang mag-isa.


(5)   We value our people because they are OUR PEOPLE.


Our people are not treated as mere workers, but PARTNERS. As our PARTNERS, their actions are acknowledged, appreciated, and VALUED. Giving them fair compensation for their commendable work is one thing, but investing in their professional development is another. As such, our PARTNERS are provided with training opportunities to upscale their skills and, eventually, take them to the zenith of their potential. We GROW WITH our PARTNERS, ENABLE THEM to become LEADERS, and TEACH THEM to EMPOWER OTHERS. Hindi lang kami inaalagaan. Kami ay pinahahalagahan.




From Culture to Cool-ture: The Transformation


Building a company culture that can thrive and survive can be both challenging and rewarding. Seeing how our partners operate as one cohesive unit that is driven by wins and is taught by losses is just one among the compelling reasons why there is no stopping us from cultivating and nurturing this culture.


Our beliefs, principles, and values are seeds planted in our minds and nurtured in our hearts. With a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of rain, with the happiness aplenty amidst a load of pain, we will reap the fruits of our labor that we envision to sustain. And even if the tides are changing, our culture will remain.


We are still clearing paths and laying foundations, but we know we can work it through. It is the culture that we uphold that gives us this power to choose. It is our people “who get it, want it, and have time to do it” that will pay it forward and ensure this legacy continues.


We are not claiming to be the best, but at least, it is this culture that we have that makes us feel like it. So if this is something you want to experience, then hop on, because you deserve it, and, without a doubt, it will always be worth it.


Experience our cool-ture. Experience Seller Universe.