The Top Secrets to a Successful PPC Campaign

Martin Zerrudo

Are you an Amazon VA who wants to specialize in PPC Campaigns? Or are you a PPC Specialist who wants to learn how to create winning ad campaigns? Amazon advertising is one of the most effective marketing tactics, but it’s among the most difficult to learn and practice. 

PPC marketing is extremely complex today. You have to learn the best practices for structuring campaigns and ad groups, budgeting, bidding, ad targeting, and so much more. In this blog, we’ll be teaching you the exact mindset for you to be able to develop a solid PPC strategy.

Scaling an Amazon business cannot be achieved using organic traffic alone. It is always the right combination of paid advertising and organic marketing. But before scaling the ad spends, you have to ensure that the content, creatives, and simplified operations are already in place. 

For you to be able to reverse engineer your Amazon success, you need to know your client’s  BIG GOAL first. Are they looking at an optimized ROAS or they want to maximize their REVENUE? Everyone has a different definition of success, so it is important to define the goal first.

To formulate realistic strategies that are in line with the big goal. The funnel strategy is always based on that goal:

if focused on ROAS - PPC is focused on lower-funnel; more branded targets.

If focused on Revenue growth - PPC is focused on mid-upper funnel; more non-branded and competitor targets, sponsored display, and DSP.

Below is the plan of attack to launch a successful PPC Campaigns:

  • Pause Unnecessary Campaigns - The first step in the implementation of plans is to see if there are existing campaigns that are not aligned with the goal and pause them. Avoid unnecessary spending.
  • Run Automatic Targeting - Let the campaigns gather sufficient data which will be used for more efficient optimization in the following weeks.
  • Run Manual Targeting - Create foundational campaigns. Target keywords that were harvested in Automatic Targeting. Utilize all placements in the Amazon marketplace.
  • Monitoring and Optimization - No matter how good the targets in the launch of the campaigns are, if it is not regularly optimized, it will result in unnecessary spend. You will lose money without any return. Below are the reasons why monitoring and optimization are very important. 

(1) Amazon is constantly changing

(2) increasing competition

(3) evolving terms used by customers when looking for products

Being a PPC Specialist is awesome, it is never boring and very dynamic. You always get to find new strategies or new tactics to try. But the effort and the journey to becoming an award-winning PPC specialist is never easy. It would require a lot of practice and most effectively mentorship for you to master the skills.

If you are considering a career to level up your skills from an Amazon VA to an Amazon PPC Specialist. Seller Universe is now offering a CAMPAIGN course. ‍In this course, you’ll get to know the best practices, the do’s and don’ts, and winning strategies to help you craft custom campaigns that return on ad spend and generate revenue for your clients.