The GIG That Can Land You up to 100,000* Pesos

While Chit-Chatting on Your Couch

AMAZON has almost dominated the world and it is not slowing down. With over 2.5 million sellers, Amazon is now bigger than brick and mortar retailers combined.

There is a vast opportunity for sellers on AMAZON and SELLER UNIVERSE is eager to help them win the AMAZON space.

SELLER UNIVERSE is on a mission to skyrocket AMAZON brands using the proprietary CCCO strategy

Lead Partnership Program

Where win-win partnerships begin.

At SELLER UNIVERSE, we celebrate small wins and turn them into bigger milestones.

LEAD PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM is an affiliate partnership between YOU as an influencer and US as your SALES team.

If you are a go-getter, you have the passion to influence, you have the guts to persuade, or you are passionate about anything Amazon, we'd love to have you onboard our rocketship!

We believe in the kind of lead generation where you:
don't need to beg for attention
or cold-call our target clients
This is the ideal path if you need extra income...
At the comfort of your home
As little or as much as you want

Why you should join the Lead Partnership Program of Seller Universe?

Extra income that could be more than your full-time job. You will have an opportunity to earn a commission worth P15000-P100000 for every successful lead that partnered with us. That means you will get your commission once they have completed the initial payment.

Gift Certificates for every milestone achieved. We want you to feel lucky. Coz why not! Just keep on generating qualified leads and aside from the commission you will get, you will be eligible to receive Gift Certificates as our way of saying ‘Great Job!’.

What’s next after I generated  A LOT of leads your way?

You take care of our business, we’ll pamper you in so many ways! As soon as you generated X number of leads you will be eligible for VIP packages which include:
The ultimate getaway. Want to tick one off your bucket list? Dreaming of a getaway in the Maldives, Japan, or Paris? Or want to experience snorkeling in El Nido or Boracay? Want to experience sky diving in Dubai? Name it! Your wish is on us!
Coaching with the Masterminds. We offer FREE leadership training or mastermind sessions where you can have one-on-one or group coaching with the experts inside SELLER UNIVERSE.
Be part of our team. This could be your one-way ticket to be part of the SELLER UNIVERSE team with base pay and incentives.