Be an elite amazon VA

Learn the top-notch skills to become a high-income and sought-after VA even if you have ZERO experience.




Learn the A-Z of running an Amazon business conveniently at your own pace.



Practice and learn the real-world scenarios of running an Amazon business.



Practice and learn the real-world scenarios of running an Amazon business.

With our simplified course, you can become a high-paying AMAZON professional even if you have no experience or credentials.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been stuck in the same job for almost a decade without any promotion and salary increase? And after consistently working long hours, what do you have to show for it? More stress, unlimited bills, and an unfulfilled life. You can’t reach your dreams with OTY’s.

You’ve been working so hard, and yet you still have zero savings and zero investment. The hard truth is you haven’t gotten to the stage in your life you thought you’d be. And that’s not your fault. You deserve more time with family and friends. You deserve financial freedom. Let us show you how.

We'll help you invest in yourself so you can be the best version of you. So, are you ready for everything to change?

Are you ready to change your life and your lifestyle forever? Do you want to be a well-paid Virtual Assistant for Amazon sellers? Are you ready to make the shift and be forever employable without having the stress of finding your next job?

If your answer is a big YES, then you came to the right place.

You are actually clueless about how to start. You are not confident because you don’t have the top-notch skills to be hired as an Amazon Virtual Assistant yet. And worst, you have ZERO experience and ZERO knowledge about Amazon.

You just heard success stories from your friends, colleagues, or family members who are now enjoying their:

Full-time work from home

without the hassle of waking up too early just to beat the Manila traffic

Enjoying Quality Time

with their family without the need to risk their lives and be exposed to any communicable diseases

Earn up to 6-Digit Monthly

without being away from their loved ones or without the need to leave the country

Why Students Love Academy

“Every module was organized professionally with its content, tests and discussion topics. Seller Universe did a great service for us - students. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.”

“I don’t have any background in Amazon. But thanks to the Seller Universe for this amazing opportunity to learn the ins & outs of Amazon. Thank you Ms. Jam & Clar for making time to check up on us and giving us tips. To the POCs for the live streaming and teaching us the step-by-step procedures.”

“The coaching calls and live simulation is priceless. Completing the course boosted my confidence to apply as Amazon Virtual Assistant even though I have no experience at all. Worth the price!”

And because you are clueless about how to start and you are NOT yet confident

You join every Facebook group on how to start your freelancing journey, and you saw a lot of success stories and just made you comment ‘SANA ALL’ in all of their wins without actually having a game plan

You purchased a lot of affordable courses, but you are still unable to land a client nor able to practice what you have learned so far

You ended up feeling demotivated, demoralized, and STUCK how to start.

But you are still hopeful that your life will change in the next few months. And you are ready to make the right decision, ready to take action, and ready to get the life you DESERVE.

You are aware that by being an Amazon Virtual Assistant:

You will be financially stable and start earning 2-10x of your salary

You will be able to land your ideal client and be secured with your job, without the fear of being terminated anytime

You will have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere, and saying goodbye to the 9 to 5 schedule, night shifts, and unpaid overtime

Because you are not the ONE who always says.

Mamaya na.

Bukas na lang.

Next time na lang.

Sa susunod na lang.

You have BIG DREAMS for yourself and for your family.

You don’t want to REGRET later on and say ‘sana pala sinubukan ko’
You are certain that you should be paid for your WORTH and not for your experience or portfolio. Because YOU are ready to unleash your potential. You are ready to choose a career path that is crisis-proof and won’t let you down.

You don’t want to waste your time and energy. And you want to stop being overwhelmed about the things that won’t give you any RESULTS.

We have identified what might be holding you back to achieve what you wanted to achieve:

You rely on free resources on the internet. Since it is a lot, the end result is - you don’t know which information should be consumed for you to be able to land a client.

You find it easier to procrastinate. Because no one is there to remind you and preach you to take your modules. So you ended up not completing it.

You don’t have a game plan. You are stuck on what to do next.

Learning the top-notch skills to become a high-income and sought-after VA is actually easy and not complicated.

ONLY IF you have the right mindset, support group, and right structure.

What if we told you we can help you build a career that is pandemic-proof, recession-proof, and a career you would live for? A career you’ve been dreaming of... where you are your own boss and you work anywhere, anytime, free from traffic, safe from any outside risk.

We have created the AMAZON VA COURSE, created with your success in mind.

The comprehensive and advanced training to fast track your success and position you as an authority in Amazon.
(even if you have zero experience and just starting from scratch)

Seller Universe Academy is the only academy here in the Philippines that offers advanced training on everything Amazon. Even if you don't have an e-commerce background and even if you haven’t graduated college. Seller Universe Academy can provide you with in-demand VA skills fast.

We will show you exactly how our (50+ and counting) team members acquired, mastered, and transformed their Amazon skills into lucrative careers. We will give you Insightful tips that will give you an EDGE and help you succeed in freelancing. And, we’ll show you how you can transform into a VA like no one else, and land your first premium client in no time.

But why choose a career in AMAZON?

Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world and it became bigger than all the brick and mortar stores combined. Much larger than Shopee and Lazada - our own marketplace version here in the Philippines.

Online shopping is already at our fingertips and it has changed the way we shop, forever!

With over 2.5 million sellers (who are all potential employers), Amazon has already created more than 1.6 million jobs around the world despite the crisis. And Amazon is not slowing down. Just as much as online shopping will stay for the longest time.


Seller Universe is a full-service Amazon agency established in late 2016. Our synergized workflow and propriety MH1 Formula is built on the minds of former Amazonians.

Seller Universe is not just any Amazon VA training center. We are a team of 50+ experts - with years - decades - of experience to our name. More than that, we are from the Philippines, and we understand the changing landscape of the country’s remote work industry.

To cope with the constantly changing times, we provide assistance in gearing you up for remote work. Our goal is for you to not just be familiar, but to be proficient and effective in your line of work. We want to increase not only the quantity but the quality of your clients and help you find fulfillment in your chosen profession.

If that sounds like something you want for yourself, too, we’d love for you to join the program.

Learn the CCCO Strategy. This is the proven method that gives our clients the result they need to scale their brand from 6-figures to up to 9-figures now.


Be an influencer using your own words and learn how to make effective sales copy that can generate sales. In this course, you will learn the best practices in writing Amazon’s product descriptions, A+ content, bullet points, and more.


Learn how to captivate buyers using creative and impactful images. Learn how to craft a brand story and engage shoppers on Amazon with high-quality creatives that convert.


In this course, we’ll guide you through the best practices, the do’s and don’ts, and winning strategies to help you craft custom PPC campaigns that return on ad spend and generate revenue.


Amazon account health is integral for the growth and scale of every Amazon Seller. We’ll equip you with the skills to run and maintain a healthy Amazon account, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations for your clients.

We offer not only technical skills but the right mindset and framework to fast- track your success in landing your first premium client.


We will teach you the exact ways to land a premium client even outside Upwork, and

The right strategy

Without a game plan, you are not going to achieve anything. We will give you the exact roadmap on how you can achieve your goals. No guessing game.

The right pitch

If you can’t market yourself, how can you market for them? We will help you improve your communication and presentation skills so you can impress your prospects and be hired on the spot.

And to make sure you are supported, you will get an EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to these BONUSES:

1. Your STEP-BY-STEP Guide to Write the PERFECT Resume

Not receiving any call-back and reply from your clients? Get your resume right and perfect for your dream job. Make your resume strong and we’ll give you the step-by-step guide on how you can write the perfect resume that could land your next job.

2. The Messaging CHEAT-SHEET to Grab Your Ideal Clients’ Attention

Seen zoned? No problem! We can help you improve your messaging with our cheat sheet and message sequence that will surely grab your client’s attention in an instant.

3. STAR Method: Proven Way to Succeed at Every Job Interview

Want to know the secret to ace your next job interview or client call? Use the STAR technique to come up with the most impressive answers to behavioral questions your ideal client may ask.

4. PREP Method: Answer Questions without Preparation

Scared of a mental block during an interview or discovery call? Using the PREP Method, you can quickly answer tough questions in no time.

5. LinkedIn Prospecting Done Right: Get Employers to Notice You

Want the job to look for you and find you? Take advantage of the LinkedIn hacks to top the search results and get employers to notice you.

For 2nd Tier Bonus

Your Personalized Lead Magnet: Tips & Tricks in Creating a Brand Audit

What’s our secret sauce in generating unlimited leads? We will give you the exact formula on how we are creating a brand audit so you can position yourself as an expert.

Full Access to a Live Amazon Seller Central Account

Want to be proficient in the Amazon backend? We can give you full access to a live Amazon seller central account. So you can get your hands dirty with the actual job.

Imagine having a structured and concise direction towards achieving your BIG GOALS.

Imagine having a support group who will guide and help you land your first premium client, saving yourself a lot of time and energy.

You cannot change your life overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

Fast track your success as a Virtual Assistant and land your first premium client.



Are you ready to kick start your journey?

The AMAZON VA COURSE is created by Filipinos for the Filipinos. Our mission is to equip you with extraordinary skills so you can be confident to deliver REAL results.

We created the ACADEMY specifically for:

Filipinos who wanted to protect their families and are looking for real work from home opportunities without being scammed.

Filipinos who wanted to be financially independent and earn 6-figures, more than their current salary without the need to leave the country.

Filipinos who wanted to spend more time with their family and achieve a work-life balance they’ve been dreaming of.

Take a sneak peek at what’s waiting inside for you.

The Seller Universe Academy provides you an education framework, coaching, and community experience that includes everything you need to run an Amazon business as if it’s your own.

Video Training

Guest Experts

Group Coaching

On-the-job Training

Surprise Bonuses

Supportive Community

Q&A Sessions

Live Seller Central Access


The Amazon VA Course

12 months access to the Amazon VA Course

12 months email support

BONUS NO. 1 Your STEP-BY-STEP Guide to Write the PERFECT Resume

BONUS NO. 2 The Messaging CHEAT-SHEET to Grab Your Ideal Clients’ Attention

BONUS NO. 3 STAR Method: Proven Way to Succeed at Every Job Interview

BONUS NO. 4 PREP Method: Answer Questions without Preparation

BONUS NO. 5 LinkedIn Prospecting Done Right: Get Employers to Notice You


Learn the CCCO Strategy and Be a World Class Amazon Leader


Learn how to make effective sales copy from product description to A+ content to bullet points and more.

Writing Content
New Item Setup
Bullet Points
Backend Keywords
Listing Content Optimization
A+ Content
Image Keywords
Virtual Bundles
Bullet Points
Amazon Posts
Best Practices
Listings Structure & Organization


We’ll teach you how to choose imagery that evokes emotion to urge customers to buy.

Product Photography & Editing
New Item Setup
Main/Hero Image
Lifestyle Images
Product Features
Listing Content Optimization
A+ Content
Uploading Videos
Product Video
Brand Video
Brand Store Creation
Brand Store Merchandising
Virtual Bundles
Image Sets
Amazon Posts
Best Practices


We’ll guide you go through the best practices, the do’s and don’ts and winning strategies to help you create campaigns.

Sponsored Ads Certification
Launching of PPC
Sponsored Products
Sponsored Brand
Sponsored Brand Videos
Sponsored Display
Full Funnel Strategy
Optimization of PPC
Ads Performance Report
Deals and Promotions
Subscribe and Save
Best Practices


We’ll ensure that you know what it takes to run and maintain smooth operations on a day-to-day basis.

FBA Listings
FBM Listings
SFP Listings
Inventory Management
Inventory Forecasting
FBA Shipment Creation
FBA Fees
Shipment Reconciliation
Brand Governance
Brand Registry Enrollment
Report a Violation Tool
Buy Box
Account Health Monitoring
Product Reviews
Seller Feedback
Sales Performance
Case Logs
Best Practices




Learn the A-Z of running an Amazon business conveniently at your own pace.



Practice and learn the real-world scenarios of running an Amazon business.



Practice and learn the real-world scenarios of running an Amazon business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The Amazon VA Course is a 2-6 weeks online course that helps aspiring virtual assistants be an instant authority in their chosen niche even if they have zero experience.

Who is it for?

The Amazon VA course is for anyone who wants to shift their career and venture into Amazon freelancing. It is for aspiring freelancers who want to work from home full-time and earn 6-figures and up.

Where does it happen?

The Amazon VA course is a collection of training videos about the most up-to-date practices in Amazon. It consists of webinars, Q&A, live simulations, and a Facebook community.

How doest it work?

Watch the videos at your own time, get notified about the live webinar, ask questions during the Q&A session, take action and land your first client.

When does it start

You’ll get access to all recorded videos immediately after you enroll. If you want to achieve faster results, complete the training as fast as you can. But no pressure, you will have 12-months of access if you want to take it slow.

Why does it exist?

The Amazon VA Course is created by Filipinos for the Filipinos. The mission is to equip every aspiring virtual assistant with extraordinary skills so they can deliver results and fast-track their success.

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